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Post your referral links here & help others too!
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Referrals for everyone trying to earn free gifts/money on the internet!
We have all seen sites that promise you free products or free cash. These sites usually require you to sign up and complete an offer and get others to do so as well.

Sometimes it's hard to find the amount of referrals you need, so this community is meant for livejournalers to post their referral links for different products or cash.

An example of this is YourFreeIphone.com

1. Only post links that you need referrals for
2. Let the community know how many referrals you need
3. If you're offering something in return for a sign up, let the readers know
4. Once you receive enough referrals, let us know
5. Only post each link once per week
6. Promote the community!!!!

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